Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's been a hard week...

I have 1 number in my head...nine.

Nine brave kids

Nine fighters

Nine inspiring kiddos

Nine broken hearts

Nine Angels

We lost NINE kiddos just this week that I know of with one earning his wings just this morning! This just breaks my heart that these families are going through such pain losing a child. I can't imagine the pain these parents are going though having to say goodbye to their child long before they are "suppose" to. No more birthdays, proms, graduation parties, weddings, grandchildren...and why? Because they were born with a broken heart and things went horribly wrong.

It brings up so much emotion in me - sadness, pain, fear and gratitude. Why gratitude? Because I am reminded to hold my babies close. I am reminded when I'm with my hubby, to BE with my hubby. I am inspired to PUSH friends, family and yep-even complete strangers to ask questions about their babies heart at their 20 week ultrasounds and PUSH for a pulse ox before they leave the hospital with their newborn! It's why I feel QUILTY when I don't.

Today I woke up to find this on Facebook-

His heart has stopped. Chest compressions and a room full of doctors.

With this an hour later-

Joshua has received complete healing in the arms of Jesus. Please just be silent and thank God for his life.

NO parent should have to post this. NO parent should have to see their child pass in front of them. Do I sound angry!? I AM! Why does this happen to 9 kids (someone's son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, brother, sister, cousin) in just 1 short week?

CHDs are forever. There is no fix where Cardiologists are no longer in their future. The worries don't stop just because their heart has been repaired. Trust me-that can change.

There's one thing I hold on to through all of this.


I hope for so many things. I hope for peace among the families who have lost their child and gained an angel. I hope for more research to be done so days like today don't happen.

I hope and I fight.

These 9 kiddos fought for every day they had here on Earth. They fought to be with their families.
I fight for Jordan. I fight for Logan, Ellie, Conner, Carter, Brekin, V, Liv, Maddi, Andrew, Jilly, Gabe, Vika, Colton, Truman, Gracie, Derrick and more...

And I always will...