Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's been a hard week...

I have 1 number in my head...nine.

Nine brave kids

Nine fighters

Nine inspiring kiddos

Nine broken hearts

Nine Angels

We lost NINE kiddos just this week that I know of with one earning his wings just this morning! This just breaks my heart that these families are going through such pain losing a child. I can't imagine the pain these parents are going though having to say goodbye to their child long before they are "suppose" to. No more birthdays, proms, graduation parties, weddings, grandchildren...and why? Because they were born with a broken heart and things went horribly wrong.

It brings up so much emotion in me - sadness, pain, fear and gratitude. Why gratitude? Because I am reminded to hold my babies close. I am reminded when I'm with my hubby, to BE with my hubby. I am inspired to PUSH friends, family and yep-even complete strangers to ask questions about their babies heart at their 20 week ultrasounds and PUSH for a pulse ox before they leave the hospital with their newborn! It's why I feel QUILTY when I don't.

Today I woke up to find this on Facebook-

His heart has stopped. Chest compressions and a room full of doctors.

With this an hour later-

Joshua has received complete healing in the arms of Jesus. Please just be silent and thank God for his life.

NO parent should have to post this. NO parent should have to see their child pass in front of them. Do I sound angry!? I AM! Why does this happen to 9 kids (someone's son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, brother, sister, cousin) in just 1 short week?

CHDs are forever. There is no fix where Cardiologists are no longer in their future. The worries don't stop just because their heart has been repaired. Trust me-that can change.

There's one thing I hold on to through all of this.


I hope for so many things. I hope for peace among the families who have lost their child and gained an angel. I hope for more research to be done so days like today don't happen.

I hope and I fight.

These 9 kiddos fought for every day they had here on Earth. They fought to be with their families.
I fight for Jordan. I fight for Logan, Ellie, Conner, Carter, Brekin, V, Liv, Maddi, Andrew, Jilly, Gabe, Vika, Colton, Truman, Gracie, Derrick and more...

And I always will...


Wodzisz Family said...

This has been an extremely hard week as a heart parent. I can't imagine what these families are going through...I don't want to imagine it. I hold Hope tighter and love on all my little ones so much more. I am grateful for every second of every day with each of them...and I know that Hope's heart will never be 'fixed' and I mourn that there is nothing a doctor can do about that.

Stefenie said...

It's been a rough week Tracey. Hope is all we have in times like this. We have to hold onto that and not give up on the fight before us.

KoryO said...

Every time I read about the loss of another CHD child, I hug my own little boogers and feel incredibly grateful that they are here.

I'm sure they wonder why Mama keeps hugging them with tears in her eyes, though.

Sara R. said...

Hi Tracey! Thank you for stopping by The Millennial Housewife.

First - the answer to your question. They do have a coupon policy posted on-line, however it does not address stacking. I have done it before at my Fareway. It varies from local manager to local manager. I would try and see what happens. The worst they can tell you is no and you can save the $5 to use on something else.

You have a lovely blog. I am a new follower and will be praying for your family. You have beautiful kids and your Jordan looks like an amazing child! Keep fighting and stay strong. Thank you for following me, and I am glad that my store deals are beneficial to you!! Nice to "meet" you... I love hearing from fellow Iowans!!!

Angela said...

Fellow heart mommy who was googling (I know bad) and came across your blog. My prayers go out to those families of those who lost their battle this week.

You put it so well saying there is NOTHING a surgeon can do to fix their hearts good enough to never need anything done again. It's something parents of children of heart healthy kids DON'T understand. You get the "don't think like that" or "stay positive". But they don't understand. I have to realistic. Being positive gets me nowhere.

Heart hugs from a fellow heart mommy.

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