Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve at the Snyders

Merry Christmas all!
We've been blessed with a wonderful Christmas this year! Another year of family, friends, and giggling kids...who could really ask for more?

Christmas Eve has been a day we've made for our kids and us. This year we went to the movies and saw ...

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2-The Squeakqual.

Jordan was even able to sit through most of it! I heard A LOT of loud laughter coming from Riley and Drew too. It was a very cute movie and can't wait for it to come out on DVD (or I guess Blue Ray now) for another family movie night.

We then proceeded to church service at 5:00. Service was full and we were surrounded by people who were just giddy with the Christmas spirit. We sat by our friends, the Gryps, who in return took Jordan to hang with them. I think Dani has a soft spot for her :-) Anyway after our candles were lit (and boy that took some doing for some reason!), we headed home for supper of nachos! Yum!

We have the tradition of also opening 1 present on Christmas Eve. The kids opened their Snuggies. Yep-we fell into the hype and got the boys Hawkeye Sunggies and Jordan a pink one (they just don't make Hawkeye Sunggies small enough for her-what's the deal??).
Who ever thought...

...Snuggies could be... cool!

Once the kids opened their presents, it was time to put out the Magic Reindeer Dust. Every year one of our neighbors gives the kids a baggie of oats and sparkles to put out for the reindeer. For those of you who don't know, you throw a little in the yard and then put the rest on a plate. The sparkles reflect of Rudolf's nose and the oats are a little snack for them during a long night. The kids love it!


It was raining...hope reindeer like oatmeal too!!

After setting out the cookies and milk for the Big Man and one last check of NORAD, we saw that Santa was getting close so off to bed for the kiddos! Mom and Dad followed long after the presents were wrapped. When am I going to learn to wrap BEFORE Christmas Eve?? Oh well...there's always next year!

See our next post about CHRISTmas!!


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Stefenie said...

This was the first year that I wasn't up late on Christmas Eve wrapping presents. LOL!!!

I LOVE your snuggies!!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan