Sunday, December 20, 2009

It takes a village...

Even though in the last few weeks we may have had times where it felt like the wind was knocked out of us, there were some good times too!!

Drew had an open house at school to show off his village. The 1st grade classes collected milk/juice cartons and made them into homes, hospitals, Wal-Mart, get the point! These kids were pretty clever! They also made ginger people to go with the village. To "decorate", they were given a set amount of "money" to buy things. What a great way to combine math and social studies!

The Village-With hospitals, Wal-marts and people too!

Drew with his Hospital. Notice the "Iowa" on top? Hum...wonder where his daddy works?

Drew and his house
And what a village it was...
Until Next time!

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Stefenie said...

WOW!! You've been busy blogging!! Three updates in one week!! :)