Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Here! It's Here!!

Christmas is finally here!! Wahoo!!

One thing I got this Christmas that I was moved deeply by was an envelope from Chet Culver, the govenor of Iowa. O'l Chet signed the proclamation! It is officially Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week Feb 7-14!! Yeah!!

The thing of it is, I really don't think it's hard to do. Just sad more people don't do it! I didn't do it last year and felt guilty from it. I won't let that happen again!!

Now on to SANTA and FAMILY!

A tradition growing up was to always go into my Mom's room when we woke up Christmas morning. It has been a tradition that I now share with my kids. Usually the kids don't come in until around 6 or 7. This year?? 2AM!! I shoo'd them back to bed and told them not to come back in until at least 6. Well...they made it until 5:30 before they camped out on the floor of our bedroom. Drew fell back asleep FINALLY but didn't wake back up until almost 7 after some poking and prodding!

FINALLY the crew is up and ready to see their Santa loot!!

Drew got a guitar-do you think he's happy??

Drew has "practice" his guitar a couple of times now. I definately need to find a tuning device of somesort. Sounds a bit off :-) He is truly wanting to learn!

Riley was totally stoked to get Tony Hawk for the Wii! Comes with a sensored skateboard to do tricks!

Jordan was happy to see her "unk" of Fairy Dress up Clothes!

Jordan decided she had to try on her new dress up clothes!! It was too cute! She had even Daddy getting into it-I, however, got yelled at for taking the pic!

Jeremy got his Blu-Ray player. Of course now there is talk of a new TV being needed...AGH!

And for me? A MUCH NEEDED NEW CAMERA!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!

After opening our gifts and checking the Reindeer Dust (Santa's reindeer must like oatmeal too because some of it was gone!), we went to Independence for the family lunch. This is really the only time I get to see my aunts and uncles so I am always happy to be able to go! We had decided we didn't have a very recent "family" picture so we tried to get one.

I heart them! Lt to Rt-Travis (Bro), Kelly (Ma), Riley, Curt (Uncle), Drew, Howard (Uncle), me, Kaleb (Nephew), Pam (Aunt), Jordan, Jeremy, Laurie (Cuz), Kristy & baby Ward (Sis), and Ben (bro-in-law).

More of the Thomas side of the Family-Love them!! Lt to Rt-Seth (Cuz), Howard (Uncle), Pam (Aunt), Kelly (Should be cuz by now :-)) and Sofie (Cuz's daughter)

After lunch and pics, we hit Jeremy's parent's home. We ate again (maidrites! MY FAVORITE!!) and opened (yep-you guessed it) more presents! A doll house for Jordan and race tracks for the boys. We weren't able to bring home the tracks yet since Mother Nature surprised us with 1 1/2 inches of snow!! It was a slick ride home but we were able to make it on the deserted roads.

The day was very fun and couldn't get enough of the kids giggles and out right laughing! Still, Jordan's surgery lingered over me. I caught myself with tears in my eyes as I opened the envelope from Culver, and while I was wrapping her presents...I caught them again when she was opening them. As we approch her surgery date (Jan 12th!), I have a feeling they will come more and more.

BUT Christmas was a good day!! The day was mostly filled with laughter and just being with my family. We have 1 more Christmas get together with my Dad on Sunday. Can't wait!!

Until next time!



Jen said...

Looks like Christmas was a blast! We did the reindeer dust too! Love it! :) We'll be in Iowa City for Andrew's cath on Jan 15- sounds like you'll be there for Jordan's surgery...hopefully we'll be able to see each other for a bit. We'll be praying for her surgery!

Jen, Craig & Andrew

Stefenie said...

YAY!!! I got my proclamation on Christmas Eve! Glad you took the time to write him this year!!

I am so happy that you had a wonderful Christmas Tracey!

We'll be saying extra prayers for all of you in the upcoming weeks leading to Jordan's surgery! {{{HUG}}}

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan