Monday, December 28, 2009

Ummmm.....Yes I am Jordan's Dad

Tracey hates it when I take over her status on Facebook but I figured it was about time that I pop up on her Blog. For those of you that know me personally you are probably "why it has taken so long?" Well Trac just recently made me an admin....not very smart on her

As you are aware Jordan is going in again and I wanted to get some words in as a dad. I see all kinds of posts and blogs talking about how mothers of Heart Kids are the best and will do anything. I agree with every single thing out there that is written. Trac has done awesome things but I will tell you everytime I see articles saying "Mom this, Mom that" I get a little mad way deep inside. Moms are great and Dads are just as great. We don't always post every day or join the groups but when Moms are out doing that stuff guess who is doing dishes, laundry, and playing dolls? Ummm....I believe you have all seen the pics she said she deleted. When you read stories talking about Moms every once in awhile put Dad in there just to remember we are here.

So for all of you Heart Dads out there......Here is yours- You rock!!

Other items Trac has not been keeping up with that I think (as a Dad) are important. We are local to UIHC and we love campfires. So if you are in town sometime and need a place to unwind get in contact with us. In the spring, actually anytime, we may light a fire and just relax. We have found rain and snow aren't very good for fires but we always give it our best shot.

Depending on how tonight goes you may hear more from me or I may not be an Admin anymore....either way have a great one!!


Stefenie said...

Totally loved this post and yes...heart dads do rock and sometimes don't get the credit they so deserve. Think of yourself as the guy behind the scenes who helps to hold everyone together. That's what my husband calls himself. He isn't always so open to talk about the journey we are on yet he has such an important role as my support...and the fierce one who will seek out all options to protect our heart child.

Keep posting!! We love to let heart dad's have their voice too!

Oh...thanks for the campfire invite!! LOL!! I know...Tracey already extended that invite a while ago. We might just have to take you guys up on it this spring!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

Hope's Blog said...

That was great! My husband would be right there with you...although he hates the computer and avoids it like the plague, so no worries about him hijacking our blog.

Ohhh...there is my heart daddy walking his little lady around the house. He can get her to stop crying and back to sleep much better than me...although she still likes to take her bottle from me.

Heart dads are great and they make this journey just a little easier, so thank you for reminding all of us mommies!

Tracey Snyder said...

Ummm 1st of all, you have ALWAYS had Admin rights :-) Maybe you just noticed you had them...

More importantly you are my rock. You support the fact that I want to be active with groups and speak out. I don't post the pics of you playing with Jordan...wearing the tieras, playing Barbie, or letting her "do" your hair :-) Didn't want to have to sleep with 1 eye open.

Love ya babe!