Monday, January 18, 2010

About Day 6 and bustin' out!

What a crazy day! Very up and down emotionally which ended on a good but exhausting note!

Around 3AM, Jordan's night nurse came in to tell us that if Jordan didn't go potty, she would have to be cath'ed. She had 2 doses of Lasix and hadn't gone potty for over 12 hours. SO knowing being cath'ed would involve a lot of screaming and crying, I convinced Jordan to at least try. She ended up going and avoided the cath! YEAH! However, because she had not gone for so long, they decided she was dry so hooked her back up to an IV for fluids. And here we go...on Lasix for having too much fluid in her little body, and then adding fluid because they thought she was dry...Then there is the puffiness of her face and belly yet. Luckily, her weight (11.7 kilos) wasn't too far off her pre-opt weight (11.4 kilos) so it could be she just needs more time and more activity. We will just have to keep an eye on it.

When the docs came through for rounds, I really wasn't surprised when Dr Moriss had said they would have a chest x-ray to check for fluid around the heart done on Monday morning and then we could go home. Since Dr Law had mentioned Saturday or Sunday as our going home dates, Jeremy had asked why it got moved to Monday. After some discussion, Dr Moriss said that we could go home Sunday after the chest x-ray was done.

While we were waiting for the chest x-ray to be done, my Uncle Curt and Aunt Pam came down to visit. It was great to see them and perfect timing for us :-)

The chest x-ray was done after lunch and came back normal. We were literally getting ready to go-bags packed, balloons gathered-when I felt Jordan's head. She felt a bit warm so wanted the nurse to take her temp. Yep-she had a fever! AGH! She had Motrin and Tylenol in her system but it was still 101.2. Now the resident told us that was a deal breaker and we are going to be staying the night. A lab was done to see if Jordan is fighting an infection. While we were waiting for the tests to come back, we found out the blood they took clotted and had to do it again! REALLY!?!? Jordan had to have her finger poked AGAIN. She definitely wasn't liking it!

Wasting time in the playroom until the tests come back - We love Hungry Hippo!

After we got the final tests back, the resident told us we had to stay "for sure" especially since her fever kept going up! By that time, it was 101.8-again after having Motrin and Tylenol in her system. It was 6:00. All of this had taken 8 hours and we were here for another night! I wasn't too upset because if she was still puffy and now had an unexplained fever, I'd rather be at the hospital than put her through the stress of coming back because of some infection or complication. We said our bye's to the boys and Jeremy for the night and was getting cleaned up since we didn't really have a chance to earlier in the day. Shortly after they left, a different resident and Dana (Jordan's day nurse) came in and said we could go. Cardiology was ok with letting her go home since we lived close and all they were going to do is watch her with Tylenol and Motirn. While I was happy to go home, I was nervous. Why all the back and forth!? First we are staying, then we're not, then we are, then we're not....very frustrating and nerve racking as a parent! This isn't like trying to decide to go home from a hotel. It's a hospital and there's a reason why we are here. So for them to decide it's important enough for her to be here and then not all day long, made me EXHAUSTED!

We're going home? YEAH!!

SO in the long run, we got to go home. If you would have even asked me Thursday if going home Sunday was possible, I would have said been hesitant but would have said maybe. Then the flip switched in her Saturday and Jordan started acting like Jordan. She still has her moments but it's only been a week since her surgery!! There are other times when we have to tell her to take it easy. She's back to the 3-year-old attitude -"I do it myself!"

Jorgie Porgie is on Lasix (2x a day) for now along with Motrin (every 6 hrs) and Tylenol (every 4 hours). If her fever gets higher, then we are suppose to take her back in through the ER and then she'll "probably" be re-admitted. Hopefully we won't have to put her through that!!

I'm home!! There's no place like it!!

Please keep these kiddos in your thoughts and prayers!
Logan Jacks (cp: loganbear) He has had a bit of a rougher time than Jordan recovering from his surgery on Thursday. The docs think (after Stef and Ryan keeping tabs on his symptoms!) he has Pericardial effusion. This is when the sac around the heart is either inflamed or blood is pooling in it. When a chest x-ray was done, they noticed fluid surrounding his ticker. It will possibly add 3-4 days to his stay. He was doing better when we left yesterday but still pretty weak.

It was great to have them as neighbors! I will miss seeing Stef and our chats every day!! Thinking of you guys!!

Derrick Carter ( He is in surgery right and just got the update that he is off bypass! Yeah!!

Thank you for all of your support and kindness!!! We can't ever repay you for everything you all have done for us.

Right before it should be :-)

Until next time ~and it may not be tomorrow ;-)



Kristy said...

I'm soo excited that she is home! What a trooper! I knew that she would snap back to normal soon enough as it's in her blood...we are not quitters!! AND we have high tolerance for pain...thank God!! Give her a big ol smooch for me!!

Stefenie said...

It is so great Tracey seeing pictures of Jordan at home. Praying it stays that way!

I too miss our chats. It has been pretty quiet around here.

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

KoryO / Joey's Mom said...

Good to see you are back home...hope you all get to stay there. See you at story time when Jordan's up for it!

The Carter's said...

I'm so glad you all got to go home, even after the wishy-washy day. Jordan looks great and happy to be home! I'm so glad she did so well.

Hoping and praying that everything has gone well since you've gotten home. Thanks so much for the prayers for Derrick. It really means a lot to us!

Big heart hugs and prayers,