Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some answers ... more questions...

Just a quick post...

Today we found out that Jordan is on the antibiotics for the long haul! The MRSA test came back negative (YEAH!!) however it is a staph infection and the blood cultures started to grow so now it is in her blood. We don't know the sensitivities yet though so she's going to stay on Vanco. Simply, finding the sensitivities requires testing the bacteria against different antibiotics and seeing which ones fight it and ones that are resistant to it. We will be meeting with the infectious diseases doc tomorrow to find out what the next step is to fight this infection.

Good news is Jordan got up today and walked around with her Daddy and brothers. And when I say walked around, I think we've covered every inch of the halls of this unit :-) We found a 2nd fish tank and that this unit just goes and goes. Luckily a lot of the beds are empty!!! I find that to be a GREAT thing!!

Thanks all for the prayers and good thoughts. We are feeling them!!



Stefenie said...

Hey Tracey. I am relieved to hear that it isn't the MRSA but that sure does stink that she has a staph infection. Poor kiddo!!!

Saying LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of prayers for Jordan to recover from the infection quickly!

Call me if you need to. You know I am always here to listen.


Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

Jen said...


I am so sorry to hear of this latest development. We will definitely be praying for whatever it is to go away soon so you can get back home! :( What a bummer!

Take care,
Jen, Craig & Andrew

Olivia said...

We are thinking of you and keeping you all in our prayers!

The Spencers