Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2

Oh my goodness! It is amazing what happens when a poor little girl gets some sleep!
The night didn't get better until around 5AM! Our poor little baby just couldn't go to sleep. She was good for the first 15-30 minutes of her dose of morphine, but shortly after that amount of time, she just couldn't get comfortable and acted like she was in pain again. After our constantly asking why not just use Nubain for her pain, FINALLY at 4:30 they gave it to her. And what do you know? By 5, she had been out and more comfortable. Jeremy switched with me and watched over her. I was finally able to get some sleep then too.
Believe me, people heard about not giving her Nubain earlier too. Don't mess with our baby! We do know a thing or two about how she reacts and how her pain can be treated. We weren't lying that she just gets ticked with morphine!

The day today was good though! Even though she slept through most of it, she was able to lose her J-line (**I had been calling this a PICC line so I stand corrected), Art-line and her catheter. Yahoo! More and more things for her to not have to move around and be hooked too. We are having issues with her urine output but pushing more fluids so hoping that will help.
Another EXCELLENT thing that happened today was Riley and Drew were able to make Jordan smile. TWICE! She hasn't smiled at anyone else yet so it was nice to see her do it. Hopefully we will be seeing it more and more as the days go by!
Well-I wasn't going to post so late tonight but Jordan had woke (yes I did get some sleep tonight) me up and now am wide awake. I'm going to try to get more rest now but here are some pics!

Trying to catch some zzzz's before the big day. Yep-we cheated and let her sleep with us. Welll...I let her sleep with us and Jeremy just didn't fight me this time :-D

"Daddy! Let me paint your face with my Polly Pocket!" Waiting in Day of Surgery for anesthesiologist to come get us.

Shortly after Jordan came back from Surgery. I thought she looked pretty good. That cordal block did well for her I think!

And tonight! She's happier now that she can move around without laying on her J-line!
Nighty nite all!


Kristy said...

She looks SOOOO much better this time then she did last time!! Must be that damn Shurtz~Walthart Stubbornness in her!! LOL!! Let me know if you guys need anything!!

The Carter's said...

Wow! Jordan looks GREAT!! I'm glad to hear she had some things removed and is more comfortable.

We're still praying for you all.

big heart hugs and prayers,

Michelle said...

Glad she is doing better and you both got some rest!

Stefenie said...

Jordan sure looked good yesterday Tracey when I popped in to check on you guys! It helped to make me feel a lot better about Logan's surgery today.

Thanks again for stopping in to see us this morning. It meant a lot.


Lots of prayers for Jordan's continued recovery.

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

Hope's Blog said...

She looks really good! I am so happy that she is comfortable. You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Not sure who from your fam will be up there tomorrow but I'm having 2 Pitas delivered from the pita pit around 12 for you guys from Help-A-Heart. The Heugel's will bring them up to the PICU so if you're on the floor could one of you run up to the nurse's station there to pick them up? Hope that's OK. So glad to hear she's doing so tubes??? Crazy good news! Can't wait to meet you in person someday....