Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 4 The game

It's already Friday!? This week has gone by pretty quickly!

Today was pretty uneventful other than the temper tantrams and puffiness. Yep-Jordan's getting stubborn-imagine that!! And a game was played-Jordan Vs. Mommy and Daddy

Round 1-The Right to retain fluids-

I had noticed yesterday before we left the PICU that Jorgie Porgie had started to get puffy and swollen. Her right eye was swollen and by the end of the night, the right side of her face was a bit puffy. Dr Law started her on Lasix and got her to go potty a BIT more. Hoping this would "fix" the problem, I was reminded that Jordan is the leader here and puffed her stomach out. The resident came in after I noticed this, but proceeded to tell me that all was fine - that her stomach was soft and had good bowel sounds. Sorry but the girl's deep belly button is all but missing! Dr Law came in this morning to do rounds and immediately said that he dind't like the way she looked. I thanked him for making me feel NOT so crazy anymore by saying that! She's on more Lasix now and trying to lose the water weight. Not so much today but hopefully she will lose more.

Jordan - 1, Mommy & Daddy - 0

Round 2- Getting up to walk-YEAH RIGHT!

Yeah right! This girl wanted NOTHING to with getting up to walk! We tried just about everything. We had taken her to the potty and had her walk back along with her going out to nurses station and have her walk back to her bed. She threw a COMPLETE temper tantram which kind of served the purpose! She ended up stomping her feet and well shortly everything but throwing herself on the ground. What ever gets the juices flowing baby! It is hard and just sad to see her stand beside her bed and just "want my bed, Mommy". The temper tantrams and wanting to go to bed just aren't things she usually does or wants.

Jordan 2, Mommy and Daddy, 0.

Round 3- Echo.... Echo

At around 2:15 or so, an Echo was ordered. One is usually done prior to leaving so again 1 step closer to bustin' out of here! We weren't given much notice so didn't get a chance to prep Jordan with what was about to happen. On top of it all, she was asleep and never wakes up well when she's not ready to be woken up. We had to carry her down to Peds Cardio to havce it done. Once we got there, Jordan really let us have it. She calmed down after a short period of time and fell asleep during the Echo. This allowed the tech to get a great look and she wasn't even sedated this time :-)

Jordan - 2, Mommy and Daddy - 1

By the end of the day, our little girl is just plain pooped. She was out for most of the afternoon and evening. Even when Nana and Becca came, she really didn't do much but say no and sleep. Jordan ended up getting the itchy nose thing going on so has had a dose of Benadryl. Hopefully this will help knock her out for the night and get some good, solid sleep.

Tried to bribe her to get out of bed...yeah didn't work but then also couldn't get the boots off without a lot of crabbiness...
Until tomorrow!


Jen said...

I was sorry I missed you guys on Friday! I stopped by once and asked the nurse if you were in the room and it looked like you were out. Glad Craig got to meet you guys though (and got you the late lunch! lol).

We'll continue to pray for Jordan and that she'll want to start walking in those boots real soon! :)

Jen, Craig & Andrew

Rebecca said...

Love the pants and boots Jor! You wear them boots and pants like there is no tomorrow babe! Love ya guys, chin up!