Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 5

Today has been the most exciting day yet!!

Our adventure or our game...However you look at it, we are even closer to going home!!

When the cardiologist (Dr Moriss) and fellow (Dr Agoudemos) came in today, we discussed what we need to have Jordan do before we can go home. It was nice to see Dr Agoudemos since she has seen Jorgie Porgie a few times for appointments and had followed her with her 1st surgery. There are 3 things she needs to do before going home-getting up and walking around, eating and drinking, and peeing some of her excess fluids. They decided to change up her pain meds too. Now we are just on Tylenol and Motrin. While I was a bit hesitant in taking Jordan off the Lortab, I was willing to see what this would do. She still shows pain but in Jordan style, she doesn't let it get her down. The kicker is even though she shows it on her face, rarely does she show it in her stats. Her heart rate rarely goes up nor does her breathing rate. She SOOOO does not want to take medicine that she just tells us that she doesn't have ow-ies. Frustrating!

Grandma and Grandpa visited us. Jordan spent the time in bed but was at least happy! It's been awhile since we have steadily seen her smile and giggle! Ahhh...what a sound it is too! I love it!

After Grandpa and Grandma left, I was able to get little miss out and about. Angie, her day nurse today, gave us a traveling pack (this way she can still monitor Jordan's stats). Once we got things connected and it was reading on her computer, we hit the playroom. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant in having Jordan play in there. After all we are in a hospital surrounded by sick kiddos. However, it was great to see her playing with the kitchen and "fixing" dinner. Soon she found the bikes and starting to ride one all over the unit! She couldn't wait until Daddy came with her brothers to show them her bike and the playroom. It was great to see considering yesterday, she was screaming, standing at the edge of her bed, and begging to be put back into bed!! Up and around - Check!

Jordan has eaten better today than she has in the days past. The nutritionist was here yesterday helping us with her weight issue. On of the things she suggested was a high protein, high fat, high calorie shake. These can be chocolate or vanilla and are cheeper than the Pedilite or Pedisure. The nutritionist has asked these are delivered to her as snacks but they have become more of her meals. Well...if eating about 10 small bites constitutes a meal...She has also eaten a quarter of a graham cracker, 3/4ths of a cheese stick, 3 chocolate donuts, and part of a choc chip cookie. I claim that Jordan's diet has a baseline of chocolate and while Dr Moriss doesn't really care for that, I'm just happy she's eating. The nutritionist is on the same page with me too :-) Eating-1/2 a check...

Drinking has also been a challenge. While she's getting better, she still has only had a carton and a half of milk today and a couple sips of water.

One way of battling her fluid issue was to increase her Lasix to have a dose put directly into her IV. The also took off her potassium this morning hoping that by taking Jordan off her fluids, it would make her drink more and therefore make her output increase. Well, even though I am no doc, I think it backfired. They put her Lasix in her IV around 2pm. She hasn't peed since then. It will be interesting to see what she weighs tomorrow. This could be our stickler! Peeing excess fluids-no check....

Poor girl was so energetic today that it took a bit to calm down and take a nap. Completely opposite as the last couple of days, today no naps were taken! Since Jordan was seeming like she was itchy again (she's rubbing her nose and eyes like CRAZY), she got some Benedryl tonight and finally fell asleep around 6:30. Other than her meds around 8:30, she has been asleep ever since. I really hope she sleeps through the night.

We found out a great surprise this afternoon too! One of Jordan's heart friends, Logan, was going to be our next door neighbor! He was moving down from PICU after having surgery on Thursday. I think it was a surprise to his parents since even though he has had 2 surgeries, Logan keeps them on their toes and has long stays in the PICU. Stef came over to visit after her little man was settled in. Oh was it nice to see another heart mom. When she came over, we both vented and gave each other hugs. Later, when I was out roaming around going to grab some grub downstairs, I ran into Ryan (Stef's hubby) who offered to grab me a sub. THANKS RYAN!!! It was yummo!!

LOOK! Only leads!! No more IVs!!

Jordan is starting to get her groove and smile back!!

I need to say a quick thanks to Help-a-Heart too. They supplied Pitas from Pita Pit yesterday (Friday) for lunch! YUMMO!! They have also sent a Tinkerbell balloon to her which she loves.

Until tomorrow~



Anonymous said...

Great news & so happy to hear the Jordan is recovering quickly. Awesome! Hopefully you won't be there very much longer (fingers crossed!) but if her balloon starts to deflate you can take it back down to the gift shop & they'll reinflate it for you. When we were there with Gabe we reinflated his Thomas balloon 4 or 5 times! They're usually very willing to do that for you. :) Hope she continues to perk up & get back to her sweet self. So happy that you & Stef have each other right there...that's such a comfort. Praying for you all....
In HIS Grip,
Emily for her boys

Stefenie said...

While I am for sure going to miss our daily chats I am so glad that Jordan was able to go home tonight. She really looked good Tracey! I loved seeing her smile and listening to her playing with her brothers in the hallway.

Saying extra prayers that now that Jordan is home that it will be smooth sailing ahead!

Thanks again for the chats!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan