Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update #...oh I forget...

Jordan is doing pretty well. We are working with the doc for her pain meds. Before when she had morphine, it was a LONG 1st night. We talked to the docs about it this time around and decided she would start off on Mophine to see if maybe she has grown out of it. She has it about every 2 hours so hopefully we can keep on it. If..ok more like when...she gets mad, boy she lets everyone know it. Her stats go way up, alarms go off, her O2 goes down so...she quickly rebounds when she's not mad anymore.

Problem with Jordan and pain is that she is a stinker! Her pain tollerance we've decided is high so there are times that we don't know if she's getting aggitated from the Morphine again or if she's actually in pain.

She is also running a high fever. Her nurse took a blood sample to culture and is treating her with Tylenol. Her platelets are rebounding and hasn't had any blood transfusions. Her drainage is already starting to turn colors (from a deep red to more of a koolaid color) which is good too. We had another chest xray done but it looks good and is comparable to the one they took yesterday.

I know this is choppy. Some of it is because I just wanted to get it out for our journaling-the other part is I'm just plain tired :-)

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