Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lord...She is in your hands...

Yesterday was a hard day. We brought Jordan in for her pre-opt screening and all the feelings came rushing back. The thoughts of her coming down the hall with her vent, hooked up to so many machines, medications, and the tell tell tale of the day's outcome-the insision down the middle of her chest and the chest tubes hit me like a ton of bricks...

Jordan did really well though until it was 12:30. She was hungry, wanted to go home and we still had to see anestesia. Finally at 2pm we left anestesia but THAT is a whole other story that I'm just going to let go for now...

This morning we arrived at 6AM. By 7:40 the anesthesiologist fellow and attending were talking to us and giving Jordan a dose of something to calm her nerves. She was practically stoned by the time I took her into the OR. She was out within minutes and didn't even fight it this time. Was it the Twizzler chapstick they rubbed into the mask or the medicine they gave her before she left? Hummmm...

I don't have the "luxury" of not knowing what to expect this time. While I don't know the outcome (oh I pray for no complications), I know what she will look like coming down that hall. I know she will have issues coming out of the morphine if it isn't addressed. I know it will be hard to hold her that 1st time with the PICC line in her neck.

I also know that she is in the best of hands here. I know that the Children's Hospital is one of the best in the country. I know Dr Davis will take care of my baby. I know God is watching over her.

Please keep these other kiddos in your heart and prayers this week too...

Logan Jacks - He will be joining us in the PICU on Thursday having open heart surgery. He will be having the Rastelli procedure.

Andrew Huegel - He will be here Friday for a cath proceedure. Please pray that he this turns out well and surgery is far out in the future.

Derrick Carter - He will be having his second open heart surgery on Monday.

Please visit his blog to send some words of encouragement and good thoughts their way!

I will add pics when I get a chance. I'm not using one of our computers so no access to USB.

Until then ... Lord, She is in your hands...



The Carter's said...

Many prayers for all of you today and in the days to come. Reading your update brought me to tears...I'm not sure yet which is worse: having no idea what to expect, or knowing exactly what to expect. Both are awful and scary, especially when it comes to your baby.

May God bring you and your family peace as you wait, wisdom to the medical team, and strength and a speedy recovery for your precious girl.

Big, big heart hugs and many PRAYERS,

Mandy Rhoden said...

Praying for you and your BIG ray of sunshine! She IS in His hands He will take care of her BIG heart :)

Jen said...

We are praying so hard for Jordan today and thinking of you guys! Big {{HUGS}}! I am home from work with Andrew today (keeping him healthy for Friday!) so I'll be close to the computer, anxiously praying and awaiting updates!

Take care,

Anonymous said...


Want you to know that Madi, Selah and I (V too!) just gathered on my bed and prayed for Jordan and for her mama and family. We know these exact feelings and we will be doing this all again in the next couple months as well. You put it into perfect words. The "Luxury" of not knowing what would happen. It can go both ways. On one hand, you are kind of just in your own little bliss...and then you see her and it's like a ton of bricks. But that bliss is kind of a luxury! On the other hand, KNOWING can be a luxury too. Because even though you still get hit with that ton of bricks, you see it coming. Wow, now that I write it down and have read your post, it really all is just plain HARD. No luxuries about it.

All of our love and prayers today and throughout Jordan's recovery!! If you need to talk, email me or call anytime. 210-1556

Ani and Family~

Heidi Schmidt said...

Praying for Jordan today! We'll be waiting for the news that your tough day is coming to an end and Jordan is resting by your side.

Heidi, Kevin & Ellie

Stefenie said...

I missed this post this morning and it made me tear up. I know all too well all of those feelings and I for sure will be getting to experience it all again within a few days.

If you need to upload pics to Jordan's page you are more than welcome to use our laptop that we will have with us. I'd be more than happy to help you out with that Tracey.

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan